Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vintage is the New New

Vintage is my best friend. About 90% of my possessions are vintage (excluding clothing, which is becoming a new goal of mine) and the other 10% are vintage imitations. My bed frame is an old iron frame that my great-grandparents made my grandpa on, and my grandparents made my dad on. Disturbing thought, I suppose, but think about its history! Other than as forms of baby-making location, of course.

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My desk came from a vintage store in town called "The Back Door Emporium". I often wander through there pretending that I am from another era, a different time in history. The 30s economic depression, the 40s post WWII, the 50s and all about the black and white and red upholstery, the 60s with its green carpets and distasteful flowers. Vintage has the ability to put you in a different place.
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My bureau also came from another vintage store in town whose name I currently cannot recall. I was blue when I bought it. Robin egg blue, in fact. I repainted it a very dark chocolate brown and it has these rad 60s handles with a cream crackle pattern on them. Vintage makes me fall in love.

Other things I have collected over the years include: old Pyrex dishes, Jewel T antique dishes, an antique tea set, figurines, porcelain shoes, a mirror from 1963, and many other things. My point is, vintage is unique. It's hard to find the same things twice when it comes to vintage. Vintage is a step back in time. Vintage is beautiful.

A blog with vintage pyrex and other dish pieces:

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